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Denver, CO. November, 2014

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Presentation Links

First Day – How to be a good student
Writing a Term Paper in ½ The time docx
STEMtech Presentation Denver, CO - November 2014
Training Video using Camtasia
(How to roll Silverware for Biaggis Restaurant. Includes a MC quiz)
Uploading a video to YouTube
(using Cabrillo's links)
Welcome First Week of classes
Click for Bloomington, Illinois Forecast
in Central Illinois.

Terry E. Mullin

M.S. Accounting, MBA, M.S. Information Systems, EdD-ABD

BELA Division
6500 Soquel Drive
Aptos, CA 95003

Personal Cell Number: 309-242-4031

Office Location: 505D
Office Number: 831-477-3247

“Have You Hugged Your Dog Today?”