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Managerial Accounting Video Resources

These Educational Videos were created using the
Garrison Managerial Accounting Textbook

Note: TM are the Transparency Masters which are used in the videos as the class notes.
TMs are in a .pdf format; mp4 format plays on both PC and Mac and are downloadable.
MAC users may need to download a video player for .mp4 such as VLC Player.
YouTube videos are closed captioned. Click to see how to change languages.


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Job Order Costing-part 1-TM Ch2, mp4, html

How to create a Term Paper in Half the time-


Job Order Costing-part 2- TM Ch3, mp4, html

Flexible Budgets- TM Ch9, mp4, html

Process Costing- TM Ch4, mp4, html

Standard Costing/Variance Analysis- TM Ch10, mp4, html

Cost Behavior- (see CVP video) mp4, html

Segment Reporting- TM Ch11, mp4, html

Cost-Volume-Profit- TM Ch5, mp4, html

Relevant Costs- TM Ch12, mp4, html

Variable Costing- TM Ch6, mp4, html

Capital Budgeting- TM Ch13, mp4, html

Activity Based Costing- TM Ch7, mp4, html

Financial Statement Analysis- TM 15, mp4, html

Budgets: TM Ch8, Part 1: mp4, html
Part 2: mp4, html

Statement of Cash Flows- TM Ch14, mp4, html
Statement of Cash Flow Quiz Answers: (demo) mp4, html