Terry’s Cooking Classes

previously at Vrooman Mansion

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Fall 2008

Brochure by Terry (doc)
Italian Cooking (pdf)
French Cooking (pdf)
Mexican Cooking (pdf)
Holiday Hors D'oeuvres (pdf)
Holiday Desserts (pdf)
Cake Decorating (pdf)

Winter/Spring 2009

Brochure from Heartland Comm Ed.
German Cooking
Irish Cooking
Valentine's Day
Soups - Hearty & Healthy
Brunch Menus

Summer 2009

Tapas (pdf)
Taste of Summer 1
Grilled to Perfection!
Off to College Cooking
(a.k.a. Making Meals 101) (pdf)

Winter/Spring 2012

AAWCC Heart Healthy (pdf)
Renaissance Affair (docx)

The Shark Bar
Recipes, Menu

Previous Courses
coming in pdf

Sweets I, Sweets II
Vegetables & Sides
Beef & Pork
Fish & Seafood
Grains & Pastas
Soups & Sauces
Gourmet French

Terry's Misc. Recipes

Personal Home Recipes (pdf)
English as a Second Language
 (ESL) Cookie Bake - 2012
(teaching cups, teaspoons & ounces to Foreign Exchange Students)
Video (.wmv)