Terry E. Mullin
MS Accounting, MBA, MS Information Systems, EdD-ABD




Welcome to this website, a portal to my dissertation in its various parts.  The side bar to the right gives you access to each chapter and all the videos, web pages and other examples described within the dissertation. 



About this Dissertation

This dissertation is a culmination of over 6 years' worth or work. My focus is using my 3 master's degrees to support my doctoral work.  Today's technology provides significant opportunities that we as instructors should be embracing.  We need to create new ways of helping our Millennial students learn and ultimately preparing them for the workforce.  The Introduction of my study sets the stage for my dissertation research:


"Each generation of students bring with them new challenges for instructors to meet. The very nature of the academic environment as dynamic, not static, means that we need to assess the students we are teaching and make decisions on how to assist those students so ultimately they are prepared to enter the workforce. As conscientious teachers, we have a moral obligation to meet these challenges. Many current indicators show that we have not met this obligation."

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         YODIO: Dr. Toledo, Jay Percell (from CTLT handout: Student-centered learning, student engagement, familiar technology-cell phone, flexible-call in your podcast, mobile learning)